The District's Pathway to Literacy and Employment

The Washington Literacy Center serves adults who have the most limited reading skills, fewest job resources and greatest employment needs in the District of Columbia.

Here in the Nation's Capital, many of our neighbors cannot read our street signs, the name of their Metro station, or a job application. For these residents, the Washington Literacy Center is the only point of re-entry to a fully independent life.  Please join the WLC! We need you as an advocate, donor and volunteer! 

When I first heard about the WLC and I decided to take a class, I never thought I would attend graduation.  I didn’t think it was worth celebrating this part of my life when I should have already mastered reading. Since graduating in March, I completed a program called ”Street Wise Partners” that has given me professional mentors and job skills training.    - John F.  2015 WLC Graduate