This course is for students at the pre-literacy level. It is designed to teach the building blocks of literacy: individual letter/sound relationships, how sounds go together to make words, and how words can be broken into sounds for spelling. At the end of the course, students are ready to begin learning to read and write at a basic level.

Students are also introduced to employability skills, such as basic computer awareness, goal-setting, self-advocacy, and interpersonal communications.

The Pre-Intensive course lasts three months. It meets three times a week; classes are 1-1/2 hours long. It is designed as an introductory course leading to the full 10-month Intensive course.


The Intensive course is for students reading between the beginner- and approximately second-grade level when they enter. It is taught by certified teachers in small groups and is paced entirely by student mastery of the material. Students learn the basics of reading, spelling, writing and comprehension using research-based, multi-sensory techniques which were designed for people with reading disabilities.

Occupational literacy skills, such as planning, searching, and applying for employment, workplace safety and communication skills, are also incorporated into the lessons.

The Intensive course lasts ten-months. It meets four times a week. Classes are 2-1/2 hours long.


The WLC knows that the best pathway to success for our students is to ensure they have access not just to literacy training, but also upskilling in all areas of life including:


Computer Training

This class is for students who want to start using computers or improve their existing skills. Topics covered including using the keyboard and the mouse, typing, word processing, saving, navigating to files and folders, using web browsers, using search engines, registering for email, and using email. At the end of the class all students who successfully completed the course receive a "Certificate of Completion."


Life skills

Incorporated into all of our courses are a number of units on life skills, designed to empower our students to be successful in their communities, families, and careers. The Student Services Specialist works directly with Instructors and Students to design and teach the following units:

  • Goal Setting
  • Self-advocacy
  • Boundaries
  • Self-Care
  • Transition Planning and Next Steps

Just Words

Just Words is for students reading between approximately the third- to fifth-grade levels when they enter. It is designed for adults who need to improve their reading and/or writing proficiency. Reading and writing concepts are taught explicitly and are practiced for automaticity and accuracy. Word structure, vocabulary, and comprehension are emphasized.

The Just Words course lasts ten months. It meets four times a week, for two hours each class.


Math Tutoring

To ensure our students have the math skills they need to succeed at work and life, the WLC offers small-group tutoring. Students are given a pre-test to assess their current math skills and then are placed in tutoring groups as determined by their current math level.

Drivers license test prep class

This class is for students interested in taking their Driver's License Test. Students learn signs and symbols of the road, talk through common driving scenarios, and take practice tests as a group. There is no actual driving involved in the course.